Gempar!!! Selepas kilang, kedutaan pula ditutup

Gempar!!! Selepas kilang, kedutaan pula ditutup
The Royal Danish Embassy in Kuala Lumpur will be closed in 2021 as previously announced. The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Mr. Jeppe Kofod, links the closure to the opening of a new Embassy in Iraq. The Royal Danish Embassy in Kuala Lumpur will remain in operation up until the closure in 2021.

After the closure, Denmark’s bilateral and commercial relations to Malaysia will be handled by the Embassy of Denmark in Jakarta. Denmark will continue to work for Danish companies and interests in Malaysia, including through a network of Honorary Consuls.

Ambassador Kirsten Gelang is becoming an expert in closing down embassies. In 2017, she was tasked with closing the Danish Embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal, where she served for three years.

Opening a new embassy in Iraq is important since Denmark will soon take the leadership of NATOs mission in Iraq. The Embassy will represent the framework for Denmark’s significant joint civilian and military engagement in Iraq.

“Iraq plays a key role for ensuring stability in the Middle East,” the Danish Foreign Ministry explains.

The diplomatic mission in Iraq is very focused on this role and therefore, the Embassy does not have consular staff nor the necessary (biometric) equipment to handle applications for visa, residence permit and passport nor notarial services. Danes in need of consular assistance should contact a Danish Mission elsewhere in the region or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen directly. – SA

For more information regarding the closure of the KL embassy, please contact: [email protected]