Kita Reset: This raya video about reconciliation is urging M’sians to look beyond ‘siapa betul’

Kita Reset: This raya video about reconciliation is urging M’sians to look beyond ‘siapa betul’


Hari Raya festivities are almost back! But with that being said, we tend to forget that Raya isn’t just about celebrations; it’s also about mending relationships (that’s what Maaf Zahir dan Batin symbolises)!

Reconciliation is important regardless of whether it’s Raya or not, especially given how unavoidable conflicts can be within families as seen in this short drama video made recently by L’Occitane.

As a meaningful reminder, this tearjerking video seeks to inspire Malaysians to “RESET” our relationships with our loved ones.

To emphasise the importance of atonement this Hari Raya, L’Occitane Malaysia presents “Siapa Betul”, a short film that touches upon the reconciliation of a daughter and her estranged mother.

This poignant short film tells the story of Dian, a young woman who returned home from her deployment as a Malaysian Relief Agency (MRA) worker for Hari Raya break.

It didn’t take long for her reunion with her mother Maria to turn sour though, due to their unresolved conflict regarding Dian’s chosen career path. Watch the full video here!:


SIAPA BETUL – Filem pendek Raya L’Occitane yang menjentik jiwa . Kadangkala, kita terlalu mementingkan prinsip hidup sehingga kabur pertimbangan, terkikis kasih sayang. SIAPA BETUL mengupas kemelut rasa yang selalu kita hadapi dengan orang yang dekat dengan kita. ✨ . Selami hati ibu, yang inginkan yang terbaik untuk anaknya. Dan si anak pula, ingin mencatur kehidupan sendiri – lain haluan dari expectation sang ibu! . Pernahkah anda mengalaminya? Then, this short film is for you! 💛 . #LOccitaneMalaysia #KitaReset #SiapaBetul #iklanraya #iklanraya2024 #fyp

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“Sometimes we fiercely defend our own principles to the point that we sacrifice what matters most – family love. MAAF (Sorry): It is a painful word, but ultimately one that can bring about peace.”

The narrative then unfolds to reveal each family member’s perspective, with Dian being headstrong and rebellious about joining the MRA as a volunteer while Maria vehemently disagrees with her decision, feeling betrayed by her daughter straying from the life path that she set out for her.

With such a stark contrast in viewpoints and opinions, the two would often butt heads since the beginning of Dian’s Raya break which ironically should have been a time for more joyful reunions and celebrations.

As time passes and the distance between them grows, both family members come to terms with their true feelings; Dian longs for her mother’s acceptance of her professional aspirations and Maria wants to take pride in her daughter’s accomplishments as she chases her dreams.

Ultimately, this conflict reveals how sometimes family members try too hard to defend their principles to the point where love becomes eroded.

Realising this, both individuals open their hearts to RESET their relationship, as their peace of mind comes not through strength but through tenderness.

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Upon its release, Kita Reset gained the attention of Malaysian netizens everywhere with Malaysians debating which side of the conflict is correct!

Some empathise with Dian, who is headstrong with her aspirations. On the other hand, there are those who feel for Maria, who wants the best for her daughter.

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There are even those who can come to understand both sides of the conflict or think they could have handled their disagreements better.

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But ultimately most Malaysians were able to receive its moving message about forgiving and seeking forgiveness from those you love, in true Hari Raya spirit!

The short film even sparked discussions about Malaysians’ “RESET” moments with their families! Some spoke about their RESET moments that urged them to set aside their ego to mend broken relationships with their loved ones.

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