Let’s repay mum’s big sacrifice this Ramadan, here’s how you can get a chef to cook for her

Let’s repay mum’s big sacrifice this Ramadan, here’s how you can get a chef to cook for her


Ramadan is the perfect time to reinvigorate our faith, instil self-discipline, and practise more compassion to be better and kinder humans.

And there’s no better role model who hold these values than our own ibu-ibu, who wake up at 4AM without any complaints just to prepare a nutrition-packed sahur meal for the whole family – that’s on top of jaga-ing the kids, house and work!

Think it’s about time we kasi our super mums the chance to rest lah. In fact, you may be able to help her settle sahur for once, and with the help of a bona fide chef no less!

From now until 9 April, Tropicana Twister’s Kasih Ibu Penyempurna Sahurku is giving Malaysians a chance to win an exclusive chef visit who’ll tolong cook healthy sahur meals for your family.

That’s not all you can win! Read on to find out what other prizes await and how you can (hopefully) bag them with Tropicana Twister this Ramadan.

1. Belanja mak with her own personal chef~

Tropicana Twister wants to ease the burden of mums, especially those with young children, by sending a professional chef to cook sahur on their behalf, so that they can take a break and enjoy sahur with the fam.

Apart from that, winners will also be getting a special visit from Hot FM radio announcers, Fizi Ali or Keymi, who will be helping out with the sahur preparation and makan together with a heap of Tropicana Twister drinks.

That’s not all the grand prize entails. To ease your mum’s future cooking, Tropicana Twister will also be gifting a Thermomix Smart Multi Cooker to help speed up and simplify all her cooking needs – so nice kan?


Not to worry, participants can also stand a chance to win more amazing prizes, such as Siti Khadijah prayer mats and RM100 food vouchers.

Grand Prize

  • 6 x Chef House visits
  • 6 x Thermomix Smart Multi Cooker

Consolation Prize

  • 120 x Siti Khadijah Prayer Mat
  • 120 x RM100 food vouchers

2. Here’s how to ‘fulfil your filial duties’

Aside from being responsible adults and making time for your mum, here are the steps of Tropicana Twister’s Kasih Ibu Penyempurna Sahurku you can follow to be a model anak:

  1. Head over to www.hotfm.audio/sahurdengantropicanatwister.
  2. Correctly answer a simple question on Tropicana Twister.
  3. Share with Tropicana Twister why you want to give your mother a break during Sahur.

And you’re done – it’s that simple! If you’re eyeing to win the Grand Prize, do pour your heart and soul into writing your second answer, as the most creative and heartwarming entries will be chosen as the Grand Prize Contest winners!

And finally, everyone is allowed to submit multiple entries for the contest, so feel free to go crazy! The more you submit, the higher your chances of winning kan? Just keep in mind you can only win once ya? 🤭

Give your queen the pampering she deserves this Ramadan!

Tropicanaraya Hot Fm Kv

There’s no doubt Ramadan is the most important month for Muslims, hence why our mums work so hard every season to make sure the whole family is well taken care of.

So let’s manja her for once, and treat her to a gourmet sahur meal prepared personally by her very own chef (for the day) from Tropicana Twister.

Let’s be filial children to our mums this Ramadan! Head over here before 9 April to join Tropicana Twister’s Kasih Ibu Penyempurna Sahurku contest.